"The world only gets better because people risk something to make it better."
Paulo Coelho

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This page contains important copyright information pertaining to the content and images used in the Collaborative Enterprises site. While we have carried out extensive research into the background and copyright ownership of all content on this website there are some elements for which we have not yet been able to identify ownership. Please read the following information carefully. If you are the copyright owner and of any of the as yet unidentifiable materials please contact us to discuss usage rights and licensing protocol, or remedy in accordance with the Terms of Use Agreement which you have accepted upon visiting this website.


The Collaborative Enterprises logo was created by, and is copyrighted by Collaborative Enterprises Ltd. Copyright of logos of partner and other organisations belong to the individual organisations or to their licencers.

The artwork which are used just below the top navigation bar on each page are believed to be the work of Bruno Budrovic. We have found very similar commercially available artwork by this artist at illustrationsource.com and at corbisimages.com but we have thus far been unable to locate the precise images which we have used and efforts to contact the artist directly are ongoing.

Textual content

All textual content on this site has either been written by Collaborative Enterprises, a partner organisation, or may be a derivative of publicly available material for which in-line credits will be attributed for these portions as appropriate.