Find us on facebookFollow us on Twitter Collaborative Enterprises (CE) carries out research and development into transitional processes and systems across a broad spread of arenas.

CE seeks to inform, educate, and lead by example in order to further our progress towards these fundamental ideals:

  • Recognition and preservation of human dignity for all
  • An absolute end to greed, scarcity, and corruption
  • Sustainable and peaceful co-existence with and between all people
Find us on facebookFollow us on Twitter CE understands the problems we all face in the current era and focus our energies not on treating their various symptoms, but on eliminating their root causes.

We do this by forging relationships with special interest groups, governmental and non-governmental organisations, business leaders and small and medium-sized enterprises with a view to understanding their current processes and systems in order to gather the information we need to continue our research and development.

Find us on facebookFollow us on Twitter CE successfully operates as a virtual organisation - freed from the traditional shackles of 20th century working practices. To us, innovation is more than just a buzzword, it underpins our credo.

Our privately owned high speed server sits directly on the UK hub root, with round-the-clock emergency support backed up by the dedicated support and skills of our own network management and programming team. It provides the communication backbone to our activities and allows us complete freedom to develop and test new ideas in collaboration with our members and partners.

  • 100% network uptime coupled with the fastest possible network connection speed.
  • Bank-standard system reliability and back-up
  • Rapid design, development, and implementation of our online/offline systems
Find us on facebookFollow us on Twitter CE's highly qualified and vastly experienced members come from all walks of life, and all corners of the planet. Our infrastructure is such that any one of our core members can quickly draw on the support of the rest of the association and form teams to tackle complex projects.

CE can provide you with expert assistance with the following:

  • Product/Company Launch Campaigns
  • Copy Editing & Technical Writing
  • Native Language Translation Services
  • Human Resources
  • Research, Analysis & Policy Formulation
  • Capacity Building Programmes
  • Tender & Contract Review & Assessment
  • Photo & Investigative Journalism
  • Due Diligence (Commercial, Civil & Criminal)
  • Web Site Development & Hosting (Commercial & Personal/Confidential)

Find us on facebookFollow us on Twitter There really is only one way forward - together with Collaborative Enterprises!

If you're interested in what we do, want to know more, or even join us then we've made it really easy for you:

  1. Enter your email address in the box on the menu bar
  2. Click on the "Learn More" button
  3. Check your inbox and click the link in the email we send you to verify your email address
  4. You're done!

That's all there is to it! Remember we take your privacy extremely seriously and will never sell or misuse your information in any way. We will contact you to explain a bit more about what we do and you can choose to ignore that email and rest assured that your details WILL BE ERASED from our database within 7 days from the date we contact you.