"We have the brains, the know-how, the technology, and the feasability to build an entirely new civilisation."
Jacques Fresco

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Collaborative Enterprises (CE) represents public and private sector stakeholders in all aspects of the Caucasus regional economies. It strategically partners with government agencies, non-governmental organisations and the private sector. It provides the foundation for stakeholder participation, thus contributing to local initiatives and national strategies, maximising marketing opportunities, and cross border dialogues, thus encouraging domestic and foreign direct investment, and developing a culture of excellence and a mindset of empowerment and sustainability throughout the region.

Our goal

We support the regional economies of the Caucasus by seeking to increase opportunities for domestic and international trade, resulting in increased consumer spending and cultural exchange. We will do that by:

  • Improving the perception of the region as a good place to do business
  • Communicating the wide range of products and services available in the Caucasus
  • Driving traffic to the Collaborative Enterprises and partner websites to consider various suggested opportunities
  • Promoting our core values of ethics, integrity, independence, and transparency
  • Working with businesses to drive excellence in the quality of the region’s products and services

Our history

Following detailed research by several concerned individuals who are embedded in key positions within various organisations and business sectors, who recognise the need for sustainable economic development, and in consultation with various stakeholders, civil society, and the media, all of whom had observed a worsening economic and geopolitical climate, especially in Georgia, the need for a separate and distinct body for promoting universal values and self-sufficiency was prioritised.

Collaborative Enterprises (CE) was launched in May 2008 as a democratic community-based effort in response to particularly pressing social issues in Georgia, including high unemployment, especially amongst young people, IDPs, and other vulnerable populations. Our launch coincided with the events leading up to the August 2008 Russian-Georgia War. The widening political rift between the two countries and the gathering clouds of the global economic downturn only served to lay bare the challenges which we had already set out to confront.

Collaborative Enterprises

Collaborative Enterprises provides the branding for our activities on both domestic and international markets, including social marketing. Our various research and project development team members are selectively drawn from a growing network of local community and business leaders, including internationally-based human resources. They work in tandem with our vast collective experience covering a wide range of specialist fields and situations. Although special focus is trained on our traditional home ground of Georgia and the wider Caucasus region, in our short history our capacity and reach has expanded to provide expert assistance in other parts of the world, including a peer review and editing of the UNDP-DDC Document: Mainstreaming Drought Risk Management – A Primer, devising capacity building programme proposals for the national blood transfusion services in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan, plus selected works for the World Food Programme, World Wildlife Fund, and several international product launch campaigns for private clients.

Research and insights

CE research teams participate in a wide range of sociological and market research, including national tracking surveys, evaluating trends in domestic affairs, involving strategic ad hoc studies with mixed research methods. We are currently engaged in a long-term in-depth analysis of the agricultural and travel sectors in Georgia and, in the coming months, the results of this research will play a pivotal role in supporting our overall strategy development and actual implementation by delivering and communicating in timely fashion, insightful, actionable information to key stakeholders about our participatory needs-driven research studies and community-based initiatives in key sectors.

Driving excellence in Quality

CE and key stakeholders are engaged in a concerted effort to bring about excellence in the delivery of products, services, and trading opportunities. We also support value-added domestic agricultural production, processing and the rural tourism sector. At the heart of this is the CE Integrated Management System Programme, which is an ongoing partnership between ourselves and local businesses. One of our key aims is to provide valuable information for other regional businesses seeking to improve their products and services, including food safety, building standards and fire safety, sustainable tourism, and consumer protection.

Marketing Georgia

The CE marketing team serves to implement exciting, innovative and high-impact marketing campaigns across the full spectrum of media – all supported by consumer, corporate and social marketing activities. Although these campaigns are largely carried out for private individuals, the lessons learned have proven themselves to be invaluable in shaping our initiatives to provide added value to regional industries by propagating a welcoming and realistic investment climate and accentuating the many positives which the Caucasus possesses.